Just 4 Fun: 12242012 Adobe Illustrator CS6- Variable Width and Custom Art Brushes

Today I’m having fun messing around with Adobe Illustrator CS6. I’m on a mission to get good at creating decorative design elements. During Never Stop Learning 73 I got my first taste and here’s a look at my second attempt:

Adobe Illustrator Astute Graphics
“Lion Flourish” Practicing making flourishes using custom Art Brushes with the new Variable Width Technology available in Adobe Illustrator CS6

Most of what you see above started from a circle that was edited to create an art brush. That art brush was used to create more art brushes =D I applied those art brushes to different strokes created with the draw tools in the software then I varied the width (Shift+W) on those strokes.

As I was creating this design, the image of a Lion kept coming to mind. I didn’t really know what type of design I was making because I was only trying-out the tools. I decided to go with the theme of the Lion and searched for an image of a Lion to guide me. THANKFUL FOR INSPIRATION! WOO!
The color way you see above was meant to feel like the image I used as inspiration. It was to feel like a Lion with a big sky surrounding it.


Adobe Ilustrator
Screen shot of the Lion and my design in Outline Mode

I would toggle the visibility on and off to make sure the structure was coming along.


Lion design in preview mode

Screen shot of the Lion and my design in Preview Mode

I HAD to post it in preview mode so you can really make the connection with the Lion inspiration. I used a color from the sky and a color from the Lions coat.

As I was posting this, I still didn’t get that “Lion Vibe” so I figured I’d change up the color way to give more of a “Lion Vibe” =D


So then I came up with this:

Adobe Illustrator Halftone
“Lion Flourish” new color way

I was able to make some really cool color adjustments to get more of a Regal look which I think gives me that “lion vibe” I wanted =D



#AdobeGrind #StayMuddyGetFly


If you’re serious about making great designs in Adobe Illustrator, make sure you pick up these plug-ins:

www.Astute Graphics.com


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