Just 4 Fun: 12022012 Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CS6

Saw a really cool post, shared it on FB, my friend saw it and TOLD me to make her one =D sounded like fun so here’s a bit of Designer See, Designer Do:

Desktop Wallpaper- 3D letter B- by Sebastian Bleak

I had fun piling on the shadows and highlights along with some lighting and blur effects to try and give some space. I also wanted to keep in-mind it’s a Desktop Wallpaper. I wanted to leave room for her desktop icons.


She said her favorite colors were “Blue, silver, and purple.” I hope not in that order =D


Screen shot of

This was the post we saw. I was blown away. I need to do more exercises like this.


Layer effects panel in Adobe Photoshop CS6

There’s ton’s of effects in here but this was me trying to color the 3D extrusion to make it look more dramatic and it creates a point of contact shadow.


Screen shot- Pattern maker in Adobe Illustrator CS6

I needed more going on in the background so I created a custom pattern in Adobe Illustrator CS6


Final step in Adobe CameraRAW

This is my secret weapon! Last step, bring it into Adobe CameraRAW to make some Global Color Adjustments. To me, it snaps the design into place.


It was a nice change of pace just doing something with nothing in mind and doing it for fun. I hope Brenda digs it, if not, well I had fun making it so there! =P In this exercise I got to push the sliders around to different extremes just to see what they would do.

I used:
Adobe Photoshop CS6 & ACR
Adobe Illustrator CS6



#AdobeGrind #StayMuddyGetFly


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