N.S.L: WEEK 69 – Adobe Illustrator CS6: Pencil Tool

Always stayed away from this tool because I can’t draw, I didn’t have a tablet, and I had no clue how it worked. Now I got to practice and this is what I got:

Pencil tool illustration in adobe illstrator

Illustration of Monsta Beatzz in Adobe Illustrator CS6 by Sebastian Bleak using only the Pencil tool


Adobe Illustrator CS6 Pencil Tool Illustration

I got to be real good friends with this panel.


It was kinda of tough to find info on this tool but I had a lot of fun trying it out. As always, I learned a lot and I know I’ll use it more often. The biggest lesson I learned is that while you’re using it, you should be changing your settings as you zoom in and out or depending on what you’re actually trying to draw. During my blind attempts, I never even changed the settings. The default settings are NOT the best settings for this guys.


A friend on Twitter (@rayacosta) was wondering about listening to music while you create and the effect it might have on you if any. I had this FUNKY YOUTUBE PLAYLIST going while I drew this. I chose it because it was long and upbeat. I think the songs also put me at ease because this is stuff I would listen to when I was in high school. I hit a ton of design frustrations and I’m already self conscious about drawing and I think these tunes helped mellow me out a bit and push though. Check it out, hope you dig it:


I got most of my info from Lynda.com:
Illustrator Insider Training: Drawing without the Pen Tool



#AdobeGrind #GetMuddy #StayFly
If you look up #NSL69 you should be able to follow my week and all of the videos I studied for this one.


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