N.S.L: WEEK 68 – Adobe Photoshop CS6: Compositing

Most of the work I do is Compositing… I guess =D
I better step my game up, so I studied up this week and this is what I did with what I learned:

Russell Brown statue with Medusa

Take a look at this scene staring Russell Preston Brown & Medusa & share the story YOU see. I put this together in 1 sitting just tinkering so I didn’t have a specific story in mind. Instead I decided to place elements to hint at a story and YOU fill in the gaps. Kinda like a visual “Mad Libs” =D Have FUN!!!

I borrowed a picture of the amazing Russell Brown to get this done. I hope he likes it =)

I’ll add more to this post later. I’m supposed to wake up and get ready for work in an hour =D There’s so much more I wanted to do to this but I still think it looks bad ass and I learned SOOOOOOOO MUCH while doing it. Learn by giving yourself fun projects, you’ll dig it!!!

Wow, I’m a zombie still because I only took a quick nap, went to work, and now I’m back =D I just HAD to finish this up. I posted this at 7:00am and now its 9pm.

I HAD SO MUCH FUN DOING THIS PROJECT. It’s all I talked about at work with the guys and I just kept looking at it and planning what I should do to it next because I don’t feel that I “finished” it even though I could call it “done” if you know what I mean. I’d still like to work in Medusa a lil more to really set her in the scene. I’d start by painting the snakes and giving her some make-up.

I feel like I took on a WAY bigger project than I could have. Once I put Russell’s head on the man with the suit, I could have called it done but I just HAD to make it bigger and better. I would run into design problems, change course, and get really inspired going down my new path… As for what I did to put this image together was a lot of Masking, Blend Mode changes, Opacity variances, Color Look-up’s, Gradient Maps, Alpha Channels, Smart Objects, SO MUCH MASKING =D I spent a lot of time on Medusa’s hands and eye’s.

Medusa Russell Brown

These are the images I ended up using. There were a bunch of others, but nothing really worked. A series of mistakes landed me in an awesome spot =D


Coolest Tricks I Learned:

* Reposition layer in stacking order: “Ctrl + [ or ]” to move down or up
* View + New Guide + 50% will put a guide at center doc
* I should use “Clear” brush mode in Adobe Photoshop so I can erase w/the same brush I’m already painting

I got most of my info from Lynda.com and Adobe TV
Most helpful set of videos: Photoshop CS5: Creative Compositing



#AdobeGrind #GetMuddy #StayFly
If you look up #NSL68 you should be able to follow my week and all of the videos I studied for this one.


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