N.S.L: WEEK 67 – Adobe Illustrator CS6: Color and Self Portrait

My friend Kyle showed me this cool tutorial for Adobe Illustrator.  I thought I’d try it out for my Never Stop Learning project this week:

Self Portrait illustration in Adobe Illustrator

Self portrait done in Adobe Illustrator CS6

This is the SELF PORTRAIT TUTORIAL I followed for my project.


Source image for Illustrator self portrait

Source image I used for my self-portrait. I used the blob brush to make the tracing guidlines


Color pallet

Lights and shadows for the clothes, skin and hair.


This was the first time I decided I would just follow along with someones project. It was a cool way to walk through somebody’s workflow. I read the tutorial a couple of times then spent most of the week studying up on the different tools that were going to be used.

I also liked that you can make global changes to your color in your selected artwork. You have to go to Edit Color and you’ll see an option for Global Adjustments at the bottom.


I got most of my info from Lynda.com and the most helpful videos were on:
Illustrator Insider Training: Coloring Artwork


The coolest trick I learned this week was that you can create entire color groups right from your artwork. You just have to have the artwork selected and choose the option in the swatch panel.



#AdobeGrind #GetMuddy #StayFly
If you look up #NSL67 you should be able to follow all of the videos I studied for this one.


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