N.S.L: WEEK 60 – Adobe Illustrator CS6: Modifier Keys

“Tilde Break of Dawn” by Freehand Profit in Adobe Illustrator CS6


Tilde Star by Sebastian Bleak in Adobe Illustrator CS6

“Tilde Star” by Sebastian Bleak in Adobe Illustrator CS6

I made “Tilde Star” in Illustrator using the tilde modifier with the Star Tool, the Flare Tool, and I gave the star a motion blur. I did bring it into Adobe Camera RAW to add a vignette and up the clarity, vibrance, and contrast.


Modifiers are another example of some Adobe Illustrator features I kinda just took for granted. I decided to go back to basics and take a closer look at them and found some MAGIC!

Chart of what the modifiers could do when using the Star Tool in Adobe Illustrator CS6


Allows you to move your shapes location before finalizing the shape

Will straighten out your your Star horizontally. If you had a different Shape Tool it might have a different behavior. For example, if you were using the ellipse tool and the “SHIFT” modifier, you would create a perfect circle.

This one also acts different with the Star. Here it makes the opposite lines parallel. Not really sure how to describe it but I tried to show you with the red dashed lines. If you had the Rectangle tool and used the ALT modifier, it would allow you to draw your rectangle from the center out. The Star does that by default already.

Will allow you to add or remove spikes from your star. It’s pretty intuative. You press the Up arrow key to add spikes and the Down key to remove spikes.

This is how you would be able to control how shallow or deep the spikes are.

TILDE (~):
HERE’S WHERE THE MAGIC IS!!! Man when I saw this I was soo mad that nobody has ever told me about this before =D
This modifier will allow you to make multiple copies of your shape as you go along and draw. You can come up with some INSANE shapes. Everybody I show it to goes bananas!!!


I got all of my info from Lynda.com:
Drawing Geometric Shapes


Checkout my:

Major shout out to the homies on that #AdobeGrind:


Kyle Haro

Andrew Kavanagh


One response to “N.S.L: WEEK 60 – Adobe Illustrator CS6: Modifier Keys

  1. Hello, Great Post! I was a Corel Draw user, and now already moved to Adobe Illustrator. I am still learning and making vector art for my WebSite. Your post helps me to understand more about Star tool. Thank you very much 🙂

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