N.S.L: WEEK 54 – Adobe Photoshop CS6 New Feature Erodible Tips and Mixer Brush

Sketch Chuck Taylor Allstars in Photoshop CS6 Erodible Tip

Sketch Chuck Taylor Allstars in Photoshop CS6 using a new feature, the Erodible Tip.

In one of the Lynda.com video courses, I was able to download a whole library of brushes for free. Since I’m not too familiar with setting up my brushes, I JUMPED at the chance. The cool thing is they ended up being a bunch of Tool Presets. They gave the author John Derry better control over the brushes than an actual brush. I guess it ended up being more of a practice on using these tool presets and figuring out what these brushes can do. I’ve never tried to be that organized with my brushes but it’s time to start. Sometimes I wish I did save them because it would save me the time and trouble of having to recreate them on future projects.


Outline sketch of chuck taylor allstars in photoshop cs6

I started by outlining the shoes first to get it all laid out.


Check Taylor Allstar shoes sketched out in Photoshop CS6

Then I filled in some areas to add the texture.


It was supposed to look like I sketched out the shoes on some rough paper using a hard pastel. Even though I left the setting to be a hard pastel, I set it to soft first, shaped the tip, then turned it back into a hard pastel. This helped give me a different look depending on how I held my stylus.

Art supplies are SUPER expensive. If I can get Photoshop to give me an endless supply of “paper” and drawing tools, I’d save a TON of money =D


Photo of Chuck Taylor Allstars by Converse

Here is a shot of the shoes I sketched out.



I got most of my info from Lynda.com:
New Features “Brushes”CS6 New Features


Checkout my:


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