N.S.L: WEEK 53 – Adobe Illustrator CS6 Image Trace and Pen Tool

“Vampire Bleak”

Kyle Haro Sebastian Bleak Collabo

Illustration by Kyle Haro color by Sebastian Bleak in Adobe Illustrator CS6

Drawing by Kyle Haro

This is a scan of a drawing done by Kyle Haro.

I placed the scan into a new Adobe Illustrator document, launched the new Image Trace engine and after a couple adjustments at the controls and this is what I got:

Image Trace is a New Feature in Ai CS6 but if you used Live Trace in a previous version, you will get the hang of this quick.


Next I wanted to add some color to this. I figured I would take advantage and sharpen up my skills on the good old Pen Tool:

I decided to try out the preset workspace for Tracing and I thought it was a BIG help.

I’m glad I got to practice the Pen Tool with my Wacom Tablet. I realized I was able to lay down anchor points WAY more efficiently. Which bought me more time to get creative towards the finishing. Knowing the hot keys for the different Pen Tool functions is another way to speed things up. I even picked up a new short cut:
CTRL+SHIFT+A= Deselect All


Here’s what it looked like right out of Illustrator.

I tried to use a bunch of tricks I’ve picked up along the way. I had a color group in there with Global Colors, organized layers, and I even made a custom bristle brush to create a little bit of movement in the image.

The rest of the color edits you see on there were done in Color Efex Pro4

I thought it looked clean but I just HAD to Bleak it out =D
I already see changes I want to make to the “final” one


I got most of my info from Lynda.com:

Illustrator CS6 Essential Traing
Illustrator CS6 New Features


Checkout my:


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