N.S.L: WEEK 52 – Adobe Photoshop CS6 NewFeatures in 3D

3D Text Photoshop CS6

Here’s the image I came up with while figuring out the new features for 3D in CS6

Adobe Photoshop CS6

Adjustable 3D Widget

Photoshop CS6 3D widget

This is what it looks like when you launch the program

Photoshop 3D widget

Here’s what it looks like after I stretched it out a bit

Editable 3D Text

Editable 3D Text

I started with this text and added a material I created in week 25.

Editable 3D Text Photoshop CS6

With a couple of clicks, you’re able to change the text in your scene.

Image Based Lighting

Image based lighting Photoshop Cs6

This is the map I used for the IBL in this scene

IBL 3D text photoshop cs6

Image based lighting applied pre-render.

I did all of this to test drive some of the new features in CS6. Major improvements from CS5.


I got my info for this on Lynda.com:
Photoshop CS6 New Features


Checkout my:


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