N.S.L: WEEK 49 – #Adobe #Illustrator #CS6 #Patterns #NewFeature

I’ve been waiting for WEEKS+ to try out the new Pattern Maker in Adobe Illustrator CS6… Kinda bitter that as soon as I learned the old way, Adobe made pattern making super easy. Here is an example of my first pattern in Ai CS6:

Profit Ink Web Banner

Profit Ink Web Banner- Basic pattern applied to text and background.

Outline View of the banner

I tried out patterns in Adobe Illustrator CS5 on NSL Week 35. This time everything went smooth. You’re definitely going to see more patterns out there because of this =D

Pattern Maker in Ai CS6 makes it easy to edit your existing patterns.

Here’s the basic shape I used along with some test for blend modes.


I had soooo much fun with it that I had to give it another shot:

Mirage-Shop.com I wanted the pattern to be made with fills that had varying opacity. I even snuck in some 3D

Outline view for web banner

Here’s a shot of the pattern maker for Adobe Illustrator CS6

Basic shape for pattern and other samples.

I found my info for this practice here:
Illustrator CS6 New Features


Fat Chance Crew


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