N.S.L: WEEK 48 – #Adobe #Illustrator #CS5 Perspective Grid Tool

Sometimes I’d accidentally choose the Perspective Grid Tool, freak out, then have the hardest time trying to make the grid go away =D

Glass Cube in Adobe Illustrator CS5 using the Perspective Grid Tool

POWERFUL tool to get all of your artwork to sit nicely in the same environment.

Here’s a shot with the Perspective Grid Tool still visible.

For this Glass Cube practice, I checked out:
Illustrator CS5 One-on-One Mastery


Deke McClelland


What started this whole this was curiosity. The homie Apex was working on a logo for a construction company and was trying to make a cube out of the letters “MDC”. We couldn’t get it to look right so he ended up just using the Pentool. Now that I know the Perspective Grid Tool, I got this:

I was able to get this in less than 10min.

Even better, it is FULLY EDITABLE. That part blows me away:

This is the same setup but with new text. The ability to make edits in seconds is sooooo POWERFUL =D I feel like HeMan!!!

I couldn’t just leave it alone sooooo:

Just the simple addition of the name at the bottom makes it feel so OFFICIAL



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