N.S.L: WEEK 45 – #Adobe #Photoshop #CameraRAW Dodging and Burning

Whenever I show the homie Kyle some of my projects, his first question is “Did you dodge and burn this?” I would always answer “No” but then I started wondering what Dodging and Burning was =D
Now I know… and knowing is half the battle!

Musical Beard- Started in Camera RAW, brought into Photoshop CS5 for Highpass Sharpening and a lot of dodging and burning.

Photo by Sarah K. Keith

Photo by Sarah K. Keith

Tree Matrix- Started in Camera RAW then brought into Photoshop CS5 for tons of dodging and burning.

I have yet to use the dodge and burn tools but I really like this workflow. Clip a new layer above your image, fill it with 50% brightness for neutral then paint in white to dodge and black to burn. The clipped layer needs to be in Overlay or Soft Light mode and you can play around with your brush opacity to get different results. The other blend modes from the same group will work, but those were the 2 I focused on for this project.

Most of the information I got was from:

Thanks for pics Sarah!


One response to “N.S.L: WEEK 45 – #Adobe #Photoshop #CameraRAW Dodging and Burning

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