N.S.L: WEEK 44 – #Photoshop #CS6 Bristle and Mixer Brushes

Time to open my Adobe Photoshop world and get a pressure sensitive tablet into my workflow. I recently bought a Wacom Intuos4 and this is me trying to get a feel for it using CS6:

First attempt at the tablet. I filled in the back with black bristle brush strokes and brought in some areas of color to finally mix it all up. Just a chance to play with different values focusing on bristle brushes.

Started off with a black background. Brought in white shapes with a LARGE bristle brush. The focus was mainly on how the controls respond for the mixer brush.

Big Square Bristle Brushes to fill in the white background then tiny bristle brushes to mix the color together. I set the mixer controls to add in color to existing paint.

I started feeling like I was getting the hang of it so that allowed me to play with it a little more freely.

So I REALLY dig working with a tablet in Photoshop, and I never thought I would need it. Studying up on bristle brushes all week showed me that I’ve been missing out because there are controls that you have with a tablet that you don’t have with your mouse. I had fun with it and I can’t draw anything =D

I checked out Lynda.com for Painting with the Mixer Brush course and it was a HUGE help.



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