N.S.L: WEEK 43 – #Photoshop #CS6 #CameraRAW 7.0

I was Tweeting all week how mad I was that NOBODY told me how AWESOME Camera Raw 7 for Adobe Photoshop CS6 was =D I also checked out CR 6.1. Very powerful tool but MAN did they step it up for 7:

First concentrated attempt as making… SOMETHING cool. I focused on the Histogram, alerts on and all, up to a point where I thought I had great color and temp. Then I turned those off and Bleaked it out using the Adjustment Brush with multiple pins.

Image provided by Gary “Freehand Profit” Lockwood

I played around with other images but just scraps to get a feel . I realize I went nuts and added a bunch of noise in the image but I still dig it. This is the only place I can put extras on it =D
CR7 feels a lot more like Lightroom 4 than6.1. Right away I noticed the sliders. I wasn’t familiar with either version going in, but I prefer the new version. I like having them set in the middle and reducing or adding effects as I see needed. All the magic is done behind the scenes though. It’s how the new Mercury Graphics Engine is reading the data in your file.

Photo by Sarah K. Keith

Adjustments to temperature and tone starting with the Top to Bottom workflow but then went back form more precise adjustments. I saw this as a mom and daughter tree checking out the sunset so I added a strong vignette to MAKE you look at that sun with them =D

Training video resources:

Thanks for the photo’s:
Gary “Freehand Profit” Lockwood
Sarah K. Keith
Keep taking awesome pix!!!



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