Just 4 Fun: #LightRoom 4 #Photoshop #CS6 05102012

Last week for NSL wk42 I focused on LightRoom 4. I still wanted to play around with some of the settings plus I got hooked up with some awesome pictures. Here’s what I ended up with:

Drastic adjustments to see how everything works. I used the Tone Curve and the Adjustment Brush a lot. I also brought it into Photoshop CS6 to really go nuts with the sharpening.

As soon as Sarah sent me this image below, I KNEW I had to do something different with it. Drastic changes, I wanted to change the feel completely of what you normally think of when you think “beach”. I had to Bleak it out! On the original I saw history, struggle, perseverance. First thought was to take out ALL the color, but at the end I left some blue over the hill. Even though the tones of the image are darker, I see it as an image of hope. Life can really beat us up, but there’s always a small bit of clear sky’s just over this hill…. at least that’s what people keep telling me =D

Photo by Sarah K. Keith

Photo by Sarah K. Keith

I first saw this and thought it looked clean, pro, cool, new. So I had to pull everything to the other direction:

Split Toning and Clarity

I warmed it up and softened it by reducing the Clarity in hopes to give it a feel of an older image. I wanted to try to make it feel like a memory. IDK! =D

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