N.S.L: WEEK 42 – #Lightroom4 #Photoshop #CS6

I’m starting to understand what all the fuss is about!!!

I tried the more popular workflow of starting from Top to Bottom of the panel in the Develop Module. No subtle adjustments HERE but I really wanted to see what the sliders could do.

Photo by Sarah K. Keith

Never Stop Learning Week 42 was a focused look into Lightroom 4 and I finally got a better understanding of what it even is… Ask somebody that knows a little bit about Lightroom and trip out on all the different descriptions you’ll get =D
I downloaded Lightroom 4 as a free trial just before going to the San Diego Photoshop Users Group‘s April 2012 meeting. Here’s the EXAMPLE of my first time launching Lightroom.

Photo by Sarah K. Keith

Thought this might be a good chance to put Content Aware Fill to the test… I CAN DIG IT! … sorry Taylor!

Here I wanted to cool down the temp and try for some crisp clarity. I wanted a lighter feel but I also wanted to practice making some calculated adjustments. Also hoping to add some focus back to the ship with the vignette.

So I ended up liking Content Aware Fill better once I had a better idea how it works.

Photo by Sarah K. Keith

Graduated filters on the top and bottom of the image. The main adjustments were made with the exposure and clarity but I also introduced a new color.

All original photo’s by: Sarah K. Keith

Thanks Andrew Kavanagh for Video Resources:
Lightroom 4- Getting Started
Content Aware 1
Content Aware 2

Thanks Mike Nelson Pedde:
Should I get Lightroom or Photoshop
LR, File Management and Metadata
My Lightroom Workflow
Photography Links

I also go to Lynda.com for just about everything
Lightroom 4 


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