Just 4 Fun: 04242012

Last week for NSL wk. 40, I checked out the Shape Builder and some other tools for building shapes. Even though the project was finished, I gotta keep practicing and here’s what I did, Just 4 Fun:

Created using only the Shape Builder, Pencil, & Smooth tools

The background swirl was done with a single line, adjusted with the Width Tool, copy repeat rotate, dynamic Swirl effect, and a Gradient fill. The white highlights on the elephant were done in Photoshop CS6

The real meat of this practice was using different tools in my workflow for Adobe Illustrator CS5, that I’ve been intimidated by in the past. Most projects like this, I would just go in with the Pentool for a real long time.

Once I had everything laid out, I brought it into Photoshop CS6 for the highlights and playing around with blending modes a lil. I guess I didn’t really have to  bring it to Ps, but  because I feel more at home there, I kinda send EVERYTHING through it at some point =D

Even though this is Just 4 Fun, it still all about the Techinque:



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