N.S.L: WEEK 40 – Ai Building Shapes

I was taught that the Pentool controlled the world!… It’s pretty awesome, but apparently it’s not the only way to work in Adobe Illustraor =D

Practice Building Shapes

This is what my artboard looked like when I finished practicing use of different tools in Adobe Illustrator CS5

True, the Pentool is THE BUSINESS, but there are other ways to work that can be helpful. The shape builder, pathfinder, blob brush, compound shapes, draw inside, draw behind, etc seem to work more like how I see people draw on paper. The biggest complaint I’ve heard from first time users of Illustraor is that it doesn’t feel similar to when they draw. The blob brush and pencil tool should take care of that right away.

This kinda changes the way I look at Illustraor. I’ve spent YEARS thinking I can only frame up shapes with the pentool. I never considered the PATHFINDER as a way to create.

Here’s a trace without using the pentool, just building shapes:

I used Lynda.com for training videos by Mordy Golding

N.S.L= Never Stop Learning
Weekly project, study of a specific technique for Adobe software



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