N.S.L: WEEK 39 – Ps Masks, Selections, and Channels

The focus this week was Masks in Photoshop CS6. Here’s an attempt at basic masking to create a Uni-Directional Motion Blur:

Bullet before and after

This was my way of showing the before and after of the technique. The bullet and the moon have basic masks applied to them.

It’s a pretty straight forward approach to Masking, but I got to just concentrate on technique, 100%. I feel more comfortable navigating between my color image, layer masks and channels… I’m a sucker for keyboard shortcuts. I incorporated a couple of them to my workflow to toggle back and fourth between Mask and Image.

Since I’ve only been focusing on Masks, Channels and Selections for 3 weeks straight, I decided to try something harder:

Water Glass Masked

Water Glass masked from background and then I introduced a new background and a Rocky cube in the glass. I created the background in Illustrator CS5

Water Glass- Depositphotos

I got this image from Depositphotos and used it for the comp above.

I’ve NEVER have been able to do something like this because I had no clue how to approach it. I’ve tried the Color Range but if you don’t know what your doing, you don’t get good results. Then when I tried out the Refine Edge, I did better, but I still didn’t make anything worthy of a CTRL+S. Stephen Burns was on POINT when he said Refine Edge was for WUSSES =D Channels and Masks got me WAY better results WAY faster. Just gotta PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE.

I get most of my info for NSL’s here:
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You can find past NSL’s here and my Tumblr


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