N.S.L: WEEK 38 – Ps Selections, Masks, and Channels

Still using my #Photoshop #CS6 Beta!!! =D

With this weeks main focus being on Selections, I ended up learning how to use the Selection tools better… correctly! They seem to have all kind of “secret handshakes”. Right off the bat, one of the best tips was one I feel I should have learned A LONG time ago. When you use the Polygonal and Magnetic Lasso tools, you can toggle to the regular Lasso tool by holding down Alt or Option. SUPER BASIC but man what a time saver. That’s why I’m diggin going over all the basics. One week at a time.

During my lunch break, I walked around the block and snapped some quick shots to mess with. I kinda just practiced all the different techniques I’ve been studying. It’s one thing to understand it but the act of doing it really solidifies the info in my brains =) I tried not to make it look too lame but I am in uncharted territory. Here are the pics I used for my lil experiment:


Examples of  “secret handshakes”:
Magnetic Lasso: Use it with the Caps Lock on and there’s a brush tip. That brush tip is the area that it will using to determine where to lay down some anchor points. If you hit  a spot with less contrast, make your tip smaller and you might get better results. CRAZY!!! I never knew that’s how it went down.
Magic Wand: The Point Sampler is controlled by the Eyedropper tool. So if you want to make adjustments to how many pixels the Magic Wand samples, you have to switch tools, make the change, then come back =D I’m not trippin, I just didn’t know.
Quick Selection: YOU CAN TEACH IT STUFF!!! You can teach it which pixels to ignore before you even get started.

I checked out Lynda.com videos by Jan Kabili


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