Photohop CS6 Practice “CompanyMan”

I like to take what I’ve been going over in my Never Stop Learning #adobegrind sessions and continue the training/experimentation at work as a Production Manager of a Custom T-Shirt Shop. I’ve recently been playing around a lot with 3D, Adobe decided to make some dope switch ups to the way we 3D in Photoshop CS6, and our Direct To Garment printer has a “Black Shirt Mode” that I LOVE messin with!!! =D it’s the business, so I’m killin MAD birds with 1 stone here. Trying to be a better designer, printer, get familiar with CS6, and learn necessary steps in setting up files for successful DTG prints. Keep in mind DTG printing is still real new to the game.

I’ve had it stuck in my head that I’m going to do more vertical text, cuz I NEVER do. I woke up one morning with this “CompanyMan” design in my head (I hate you Gary) and I drew it out. 3D IR logo with a Hydro 74 font going down. I always dug his fonts cuz they look how I wright =D …. I just grabbed our logo for Imprint Revolution from Illustrator and brought it into Photoshop Cs6. Then I made a basic extrusion. The materials I used was from a photo I took like a week or so ago near Leimert Park. I used some luminosity and density masks to mess with the curves and levels.

Here’s what we did with it:

BOOM!!!…it’s a shirt
I’m going to end up reprinting this shirt. If you notice, I already changed it from the shirt print. I darkened the vertical text and now I’m thinking it should look like a stain running down. I’ll be posting the new version real soon hahaha!!!.. Lost the file! =D
Multi-Media Entertainment Producer


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