N.S.L: WEEK 35 – Ai Patterns

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started trying to understand patterns in Adobe Illustrator. Super brain drain, but what kept me going was symmetry. Tedious, OCD, SYMMETRY!!! I keep saying Adobe software is a lot like the game Zelda. PATTERNS PROVE ME RIGHT!!! but now I am “in the loop” and it’s time to slay these patterns. The trick is all in the rectangle. It must be a rectangle using the rectangle tool, no fill, no stroke, and sent to back. Sounds easy enough, but I messed it up a couple of times before actually getting it right.

I looked up One-On-One: Advance- Patterns by Deke for CS4 & CS5. I just followed him step by step on my first try. Here’s a couple shots of the steps along the way:

Once I had the pattern designed, I colorized them using “M3 USA BLUE” and “SHAKES 220” which are the names of some color groups I created in Adobe Kuler (download them for free). Checkout NSL wk32 & NSL wk20 I used them on some past porjects. To test drive the patterns, I created a single circle, added a FAT stroke, added a fill in the appearance panel, shrunk the added fill using the transform & distort effect, and dropped in my new patterns.

Time to take off the training wheels. Since this is my first solo attempt, I’m going to keep it a lil on the basic side and get some help from mah boy Rocky!

Since the recent death of my iPod, I guess I decided to bring it back with the spirit of Rocky!!! =D Well, at least it gave me a chance to try out something different…. LOOK THERE’S SOME COLOR!!!!

I’m putting the appearance panel to work! It’s just the circle path repeated with the 3 different patterns. I made them look different by putting a gradients over the patterns to give them different looks. The coolest shape to me on here is the lil plug. I still made it out of the original circle. It’s not a big deal, its just a new way to work for me so I trip out. I’ve been doing it wrong for soooooo long hahahaha!!! I’m happy with it, its all in Illustrator. I always thought of Illustrator as a really flat place. I’m trying to change the way I think.

BIG THANK YOU to MIRAGE for telling me to put Rocky in a diamond. It worked out great!… Now I gotta think of what to go over for next week…. lets see… what do I hate most about Adobe right now. Then I can learn all about it and love the shixx out of it =D



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