N.S.L: WEEK 32 – Ai Dynamic Effects

1st NSL post on WP!!!

I’ve been doing a bunch of Photoshop stuff lately so I thought it was time to jump back into Illustrator. I’m going over the CS5 Illustrator Mastery course.

When I’m at the shop, sometimes I get customer artwork and I have to add stuff to it, like design elements we have in our library’s. Sounds easy, but most of the time, the design styles don’t match up and we got 10 min to make them look like they match… in Illustrator… and now it’s 9min! =D

Just above is what I started with… Probably not the best example because the artwork looks pretty cool, but they could still use some edits so they can work together better. This is what I ended up with in just a couple clicks:

I went to the homie MIRAGE Tumblr and found THIS PICTURE. I used it to create a new swatch pallet in Kuler called M3 USA BLUE. I made a couple adjustments to how the artwork was laid out then recolored it using only the colors from my new pallet. The Scribble effect ended up working great since MIRAGE is a beast on the barudan…. Well, it works better on some parts than others =D

I was happy with it; looks clean… I HAD to mess with it in Photoshop and then I got:

Go to his site and buy a shirt or 3


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